Understanding the full potential of your Senses Connect Click Here
Watch this video to gain a better understanding of the full purpose of your Senses Connect. Working with technology to make your life easier Volvo has designed navigation and info sensors.

Within this tutorial you will set up and allow the Volvo system to read your text messages you  aloud. Every time you get a text message a alert will go off letting you know you have received a message.

Once you have your system connected to the internet you have the freedom to choose a plethora of apps to use. Some of these apps include Storytell, Weather, Pandora, Park and Pay, and Find Fuel. These are just some of the apps featured.

Sensus Connect System  Play Music from Pandora Click Here
With this app you are able to stream the music that helps create your day. You can start and artist selection, add bookmarks browse genres and so much more.  

The navigation system helps to gain directions to a destination while using your command center. You are able to use this feature to find a list of restaurants, electronics, gas stations and coffee and tea shops closest to your vehicles location, near destination and near the city that you are traveling to.

Volvo Sensus Connect On board Owner's Manual Click Here
In this tutorial we will show you how to open and locate certain information that pertains to your vehicle

How to use Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Click Here
The Adaptive Cruise Control is radar that is behind the front grill of your vehicle. It can measure the speed of a vehicle that is ahead of you. While having this feature on it will also keep a safe distance between you and the other vehicle. The system can be used as a basic cruise control function.

This feature will help you to better understand how your blind spot info system works. This system even works at night time.

This feature will help keep you in your lane and out of way of inward bound traffic. You will be warned that you are out of your lane by visual and audible sound. The Lane Keeping Aid is automatically turn on when the engine is started.

In this tutorial we will be going over how to set up different opening sizes for your tailgate. To reset your tailgate to normal factory settings just open the tailgate and put the tail gate to its normal height then press and hold the closing button for 3 seconds. Doing this will rest the factory setting and clear what you have saved.